Phenol Red Dye

Abbey Color is a leading manufacturer of phenol red dye. Phenol red is a water-soluble dye used as a pH indicator, changing from yellow to red over pH 6.6 to 8.0, and then turning a bright pink color above pH 8.1. As such, phenol red can be used as a pH indicator dye in various medical and cell biology tests.

Uses for Phenol Red

Phenol red dye in powder form.Phenol red has several uses, including:

  • Most commonly, phenol red is an indicator dye, used as an acid pH indicator with a transition point of 7.5 (acid side to yellow / alkaline side to red)
  • Biologists use phenol red in cell cultures as a pH indicator
  • Phenol red has been used in the PSP test for kidney functions
  • Most recently, medical researchers have discovered that phenol red can serve as an estrogen mimic and is used in the process of in vitro fertilization
  • Phenol red is a dye used in automotive coolants

Phenol Red from Abbey Color – Benefits

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What is Phenol Red?

Phenol red is a red, water-soluble dye, C19H14O5S, used as an acid-base indicator and in medicine to test kidney function and renal blood flow.
(Source: The Free Dictionary – Phenol Red).

A bright to dark red, water-soluble crystalline dye used as an acid-base indicator and to test kidney function and renal blood flow. Also called phenolsulfonphthalein.”
(Source: The Free Medical Dictionary – Phenol Red).

Phenol red exists as a red crystal that is stable in air. Its solubility is 0.77 grams per liter (g/L) in water and 2.9 g/L in ethanol.[1] It is a weak acid with pKa = 8.00 at 20°C.
(Source: Wikipedia, Phenol Red, 2010).

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