Industrial Dye and Institutional Dye

Did you know that the most fluids and many powders are dyed? As a leading dye manufacturer, Abbey Color supplies dyes to several industrial and institutional markets for both water-soluble and oil-soluble dye products.

Water Soluble Industrial Dyes

Abbey Color is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of the dyes used in water-soluble industrial solutions. Dyes are used in the glass cleaner, industrial cleaner and car washes. In addition to this, many water based cutting oils are dyed. Institutional detergents are colored as well.
Antifreeze with automotive dye made with uranine.

The coolant (anti-freeze) in your radiator is dyed. Depending on the vehicle manufacturer, different colored coolants are used. The colors range from green, orange, red, to gold. Abbey Color is at the forefront and manufactures and supplies the automotive market as well as the after-market users.

Oil Soluble Industrial Dyes

Abbey Color is a supplier to the automotive oil industry. Transmission fluids, motor oil, two-stroke oils for small engines and cutting oils are just a few of the industries supplied. Abbey Color also supplies fluorescent oils that are used to check the engine integrity before shipment. Customers include manufacturers of small engines all the way up to locomotive diesel engines. Oil soluble industrial dye is also used to check the integrity of many industrial hydraulic applications. Oil based cutting fluids are dyed. The plastics industry is all about color. From plastic toys to the color of your car’s tail lights, industrial dye is used for color.  Oil can be colored by oil soluble dyes.

Industrial Dyes from Abbey Color – Benefits

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial dye, Abbey Color offers the following benefits:

  1. Guaranteed consistent quality material
  2. Supply of single lots up to 1,500 pounds
  3. Industrial dyes are typically in stock for immediate delivery, with overnight shipping available upon request
  4. Competitive pricing

Abbey Color – Your Industrial Dye Manufacturer and Supplier

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