Water Tracing Dye, Environmental Dye for Water Tracing

Looking for a water tracing dye to trace a fluid path or detect a leak in your system? Abbey Color has what you’re looking for!

As a leading manufacturer of water-soluble dyes, Abbey Color offers water tracing dyes for various commercial and industrial uses. The two most common leak detection and water tracing dyes are uranine and rhodamine WT. Abbey Color is the only worldwide manufacturer of both dyes. Uranine is a yellowish fluorescent dye while the Rhodamine WT is fluorescent red in color. Both water tracking dyes can be detected by either a black light or a spectrophotometer. Water tracing dye

Uranine is manufactured as both a powder and a liquid while the Rhodamine WT is produced as a liquid only. Both can be easily handled in the field for study.

Water Tracing Dye from Abbey Color – Benefits

As a leader in the supply of supply of water tracing dye and environmental dyes, Abbey Color offers the following benefits:

  • Guaranteed consistent quality material
  • Supply of single lots up to 1,500 pounds
  • Soap dyes are typically in stock for immediate delivery, with overnight shipping available upon request
  • Competitive pricing

Coastline power plant area where Rhodamine WT might be used for water tracing.

What are Water Tracing Dyes?

According to the Wikipedia – Dye tracing page:

Dye tracing is tracking and tracing various flows using dye added to the liquid in question. The purpose of tracking may be an analysis of the flow itself, of the transport of something by the flow of the objects that convey the flow. It is an evolution of the ages-known float tracing method, which basically consists of throwing a buoyant object into a waterflow to see where it goes or where it emerges.

Dye tracking may be either qualitative, i.e., the presence of particular flow and its estimate, or quantitative, when the amount of the traced dye is measured by special instruments.

Often fluorescent dyes are used for this purpose, especially in the following circumstances:

  • Insufficient lighting (e.g., sewers or cave waters)
  • Precise quantitative data are required, measured by a fluorometer
  • Very small amounts of the dye is allowed to be added (1 part per trillion may be detected).

Abbey Color – Your Water Tracing Dye and Environmental Dye Manufacturer and Supplier

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