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Abbey Color is a one of the world’s premier dye manufacturers and a supplier of dyes and colorants.

Abbey Color serves a variety of constituents, both domestic and international, in a variety of capacities. Combining materials and technology, Abbey Color’s dedicated chemists manufacture a wide spectrum of highly specialized dyes that meet exacting customer requirements. Abbey Color’s materials serve applications ranging from healing practices to industrial uses, as well as routinely supplying dyes to cGMP or Military requirements. Whether you need a fast off-the-shelf dye or a custom engineered solution, Abbey Color can fulfill your dye manufacturing needs. Abbey Color’s dye offerings include water based dyessolvent dyes,organic dyes and synthetic dyes.

Abbey Color – A ChemStewards® Certified Facility

Abbey Color Inc is a ChemStewards certified facility.Abbey Color’s dye manufacturing plant in Philadelphia PA is a ChemStewards® certified facility, having completed the ChemStewards® requirements. for their dye manufacturing facility in Philadelphia PA. As a ChemStewards® certified facility, Abbey Color demonstrates its commitment to environmental, health, safety and security practices and has exceeded the minimum EHS&S compliance requirements for the Society of Chemical Manufacturers and Affiliates (SOCMA) ChemStewards® program. ChemStewards® is SOCMA’s flagship environmental, health, safety and security (EHS&S) continuous performance improvement program. SOCMA created ChemStewards® to meet the unique needs of the batch, custom and specialty chemical products industry, including the manufacture of dyes.

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