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Abbey Color is a premier dye manufacturer and supplier of industrial dyes, dye precursors and colorants. Abbey Color serves a variety of constituents, both domestic and international, in a variety of capacities. Combining materials and technology, Abbey Color’s dedicated chemists manufacture a wide spectrum of highly specialized dyes that meet exacting customer requirements. Abbey Color’s materials serve applications ranging from healing practices to industrial uses, as well as routinely supplying dyes to cGMP or Military requirements.Abbey Color dye manufacturing facility in Philadelphia, PA

Whether you need a fast off-the-shelf dye or a custom engineered solution, Abbey Color can fulfill your dye manufacturing needs. Abbey Color’s dye manufacturing facility is located in Philadelphia, PA.

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Abbey Group Companies

Abbey Color is part of the Abbey Group Companies, offering a broad range of products that are needed and demanded by multiple industries. Abbey Group Companies also includes:

Abbey Color is in Philadelphia, PA

Abbey Products

Abbey Products manufactures and supplies engineered materials used in industrial maintenance, including:

Abbey Green

Abbey Green is a recycling, recovery, and transfer station for construction and industrial debris located in Winston-Salem, NC. It also sells recycled material for construction needs. Abbey Green proudly sponsors Contractors Choosing Green, an initiative which seeks to recognize those construction professionals who choose to recycle instead of placing more waste in their local landfills.

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