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Multi-colored dyes from dye manufacturersYou expect high performance from your dye manufacturer. Combining materials and specialize technology, Abbey Color delivers that high performance through the manufacture of a wide spectrum of highly specialized dyes and colorants that meet exacting specifications and customer requirements.

As one of the world’s premier dye manufacturers, Abbey Color routinely manufactures dyes to cGMP or military standards and is one of the top suppliers of industrial dyes, dye precursors and colorants. Abbey Color is a global supplier to the world’s largest corporations and major industries serving varied applications from pharmaceutical healing practices to industrial/commercial and military use. Click Here to Contact Abbey Color  for further assistance with all dyes, colorants, stains and reagents.

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Abbey Color Business Day Video

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Abbey Color Manufacturing Marvels Video

View Abbey Color Manufacturing Marvels Video on YouTube.

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Abbey Color News

Press Release 5/13/2010:  Abbey Color Incorporated and Mexicana de Extractos International, S.A. de C.V. announce joint venture Abbymex
The joint venture Abbymex is announced by Abbey Color Incorporated and Mexicana de Extractos International, S.A. de C.V. to provide a consistent supply of logwood extract used in the production of hematoxylin and hematine.
View full press release (PDF).

Press Release 5/7/2010:  Abbey Color Certified Compliant with ChemStewards ® Program
Abbey Color Inc is a ChemStewards certified facility.Abbey Color announces ChemStewards® certification, completing requirements for their dye manufacturing facility in Philadelphia PA. As a ChemStewards® facility, Abbey Color demonstrates its commitment to environmental, health, safety and security practices and has exceeded the minimum EHS&S compliance requirements for this SOCMA program.
View full press release (PDF).

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